Kathryn Benjamin

Kathryn is an Acrylic Pouring Creations Artist located in Phoenix, Arizona. Doing Classes in a couple of different locations. 

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“It does not need to be translated”

Kathryn has been doing art all of her life!  She has had many wonderful teachers including her travels to over ten countries, studying cultures and traditions, have helped enhance how she sees colors and art.  She has been an art student but more than that, she is a student of people and who they are and how they perceive the world.  Color is something we all have in common in our lives and Kathryn has discovered a way to make it come alive! 

She has worked in many mediums and her extensive knowledge of crystals and energy work has led her to her newest art form she calls River Of Colors.me

Kathryn has Won Two Awards at Heaven Art Gallery 2017 and 2018, located in Old Town Scottsdale. 

Kathryn says, “Everyone sees something different in each of her painting.” That’s what makes them special and unique.” 

No two original paintings are alike.   


Bringing out your Talents that you could have lots of FUN with!!! Enjoying others with laugher having fun and being Surprised with what you can create!!!  Experiencing time flying by as you Enjoy something so New and different also so Beautiful!!!